Overview: The backbone of Indian Growth

More than 50 million SMEs exist currently and over the last five decades, the SME sector has grown dynamically by contributing 40% of the country’s exports and creating millions of jobs annually. The SME sector has a lot of potential for growth in the coming years with respect to job creation, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation.

Without any dispute, SMEs are one of the key drivers behind the Indian growth story. This sector, comprising of manufacturing, infrastructure, service industry, food processing, packaging, chemicals, and IT, has emerged as the most vibrant and dynamic engine of growth of Indian economy over the past few decades.

These self-funded proprietary firms, private co-operatives, private self-help groups, Khadi, and Village and Coir industries, not only provide huge employment opportunities but also ensure regional balance by taking industrialization to rural and backward areas.

With the Indian economy expected to touch $5 trillion by 2025, and with groundbreaking economic reforms kicking in, SMEs are expected and bound to play a much more important role. B2B e-commerce, food processing, pharma, and homeland security and defence are the areas to watch out for.

The ET SME Activator Summit

The Economic Times presents SME Activator’ is a forum to discuss the contemporary trends and the pressing issues in SME industry. This conference will be an eclectic representation of various stakeholders servicing the industry. Senior representatives of SMEs, policy makers, bankers and NBFC’s who lend to SMEs, academicians, technology and taxation experts will share their viewpoints on the practical solutions for the SME sector in contributing to the larger objective of nation’s growth, improving the manufacturing output and being able to compete with peers in the overseas market.

Key Challenges and Trends that the ET SME Activator Summit will address


  • Inadequate access and marketing platform
  • Lack of access to new technology
  • Lack of required credit
  • Cumbersome regulatory practices

Opportunities and Trends

  • Growth in Tier II and Tier III
  • Leveraging the e-commerce trend
  • Taking advantage of Government schemes
  • Abundance of Fintech firms
  • Millennials will rule the market
  • Big Data to Drive Operations and Decisions
  • Shifted Focus on IT Security

Who Should Attend

  • Partners and Directors of SME companies
  • Executives from Banks and Financial Institutions lending to SMEs
  • Marketing and Finance Heads of SMEs
  • Business Heads of Organizations
  • IT and IT Enabled Service Providers of SMEs
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds
  • Representatives of Government Agencies
  • Diplomats from consulates of other countries
  • Government Establishments and PSUs
  • SME institutes

The Sector in Numbers