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Small Enterprise India

The highly informative online repository for the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India, ‘’ and the monthly magazine Small Enterprise, is dedicated to provide current news and related information from the medium-sized business economy to the SMB fraternity. ‘’ online business news portal facilitates direct exchange between the large networking of the Indian SMB community and other entrepreneurs in the small and medium-sized business segment, connecting them to opportunities available domestically and globally.

‘’ is a functional professional training cockpit for the entrepreneurs which expands the comprehensive audience and complement the complete package. The portal is a repository of verified reliable professional information, providing support through useful working tools as well as online campaigns, seminars, road shows and live trainings on trend issues and important reforms. We focus on in-depth coverage of the Indian small and medium businesses, success stories, case studies etc, enabling the target audience to communicate, collaborate and understand the industry, market as well as opportunities available locally and globally in a better way.

The MSME segment being the engine of economic growth of the nation has tremendous scope of improvement as government and private institutions are keen to support. Apart from the policy focus and government’s eagerness towards promoting the MSME segment, globalisation and India’s robust economic growth have opened several business opportunities for this segment. However, there is a serious lack of structured information on India’s SME sector. Hence Small Enterprise India portal takes its lead role in promoting entrepreneurship through various strategic methods.

Small Enterprise India portal is in recognition of the significant contribution made by SMEs to India’s industrial and economic development. It is estimated that MSMEs account for almost 89% of industrial units in India and 42% of value addition in the manufacturing sector. They contribute 37% to India’s merchandise exports.

‘’ , the one-point reference repository provides a platform that enhances the visibility of these integral players in India’s economic growth story.

Small Enterprise India portal preserves the lineage of providing information and knowledge that facilitate informed business decisions.